October 10th-12th, 2011

Tourist Information

Currency The official currency in Germany is the EURO. 1 Euro = 100 Cents. The Term Euro is usually abbreviated as EUR. The symbol for the Euro is €.

Voltage Voltage: 230 Volts. Plugs are Continental-style two-pin. A plug adaptor is necessary if incompatible electronic gadgets are used.

Foreign Exchange Money can be changed at banks and “Sparkassen”. For a cash advance, credit cards can be used at cash dispensers (“Geldautomat”) which are available all over the city.

Prizes and Tips Menue prices usually include service and taxes. In restaurants a tip of approximately 10% is common.

Shopping Typical shopping hours are Monday to Saturday 09:30-20:00. Apart from some small supermarkets at gas stations and at railway stations, shops are closed on Sundays.